GOT7 BamBam confessed one-sided love for TWICE Nayeon? Jihyo’s shocked reaction

BamBam, a member of boy group GOT7, said he used to like TWICE member Nayeon one-sidedly, to the shock of Jihyo.

On March 10th, the 8th episode of YouTube content, “BamBam Home”, was published on GOT7 BamBam’s official YouTube channel.

At the end of this episode, the guest for Episode 9 was revealed, and the person who showed up was none other than TWICE member, Jihyo, who is close to BamBam.

The same video also shows snippets from the upcoming episode of “BamBam Home”, including a scene where BamBam said, “I used to like Nayeon one-sidedly”. Hearing BamBam’s confession for her group member, Jihyo made a shocked expression, adding, “You really hide nothing… You are cool, BamBam.”


Meanwhile, BamBam was confident that his confession won’t be revealed, saying, “Leave it to the editor”. 

However, it seems that his faith has been “betrayed”, and the story behind his “one-sided love” for TWICE Nayeon will be shown in full in the next episode of “BamBam Home”.

TWICE Nayeon

Episode 9 of “BamBam Home”, which will unveil BamBam’s friendship with Jihyo and supposed crush on Nayeon, will be released on Friday, March 17th, at 7 PM (KST). 

Source: YouTube

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