Gong Hyo-jin revealed she and Gong Yoo got angry when Lee Chun-hee announced his marriage

Actress Gong Hyo-jin mentioned reactions from people around her when her close friends Lee Chun-hee and Jeon Hye-jin got married.

On the December 9 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Harmless From Today“, Gong Hyo-jin talked about the story behind Lee Chun-heeJeon Hye-jin‘s marriage. On this day, Gong Hyo-jin asked Lee Chun-hee, “When you said you were going to marry Hye-jin, I told you ‘What? How old is Hye-jin? Are you crazy? Our Hye-jin?’ Do you remember?”

Lee Chun-hee recalled the past, “Didn’t I say Hye-jin’s name because I was so embarrassed when you asked me ‘Where are you going?’ At that time, you even asked me ‘Did you force her to drink alcohol?'”. Then, Gong Hyo-jin shared, “I scolded you ‘You’re a thief.’ Not just me but Gong Yoo and others also exploded.”

Meanwhile, Lee Chun-hee married Jeon Hye-jin, who is 9 years younger than him, in 2011.

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