Go Min Si Pays a Heartwarming Visit to Fan-Organized Café Event Commemorating 2-Year Anniversary of ‘Youth of May’

Go Min Si graciously visits fan-organized café event to celebrate 2-year anniversary of ‘Youth of May’

Go Min Si, the talented actress who captured hearts with her role in the beloved drama “Youth of May,” recently expressed her gratitude towards fans through an Instagram Story. The occasion marked the 2-year anniversary since the show first aired, and to commemorate this milestone, fans organized a special café event for the actress.

In her Instagram Story, Go Min Si shared her heartfelt appreciation, saying, “Thank you everyone for always remembering and sending congratulations on the 2-year anniversary of ‘Youth of May.’ I will forever cherish the indescribable happiness I felt during this time spent with all of you.” The actress expressed her overflowing emotions, stating that her heart felt like it could burst with joy. She also promised to carefully preserve all the love and affection from her fans, always grateful and deeply loving towards them. She also expressed her desire for fans to continue supporting and accompanying the drama, asking, “Can you stay with ‘Youth of May’ forever?”

Go Min Si concluded her Instagram Story with profound gratitude, saying, “Please always stay by our side! I genuinely feel so warm and happy! Thank you all so much.” Her heartfelt words resonated with fans, reaffirming the deep connection they share.

As Go Min Si continues to captivate audiences with her talent and charm, her visit to the café event serves as a beautiful reminder of the enduring impact of “Youth of May” and the meaningful connections formed between the actress and her fans.

Youth of May

Meanwhile, “Youth of May” was first released on May 3, 2021. Starring Lee Do-hyun and go Min Si, the drama is about an idealistic medical student who gets married to a nurse after meeting her at the insistence of his father. Later, their fate becomes interlinked with the 1980 Gwangju Uprising.

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