Go Eun Ah revealed an actress with a lovely image stole her money and other stuff in the past 

Go Eun Ah did not accuse the other actress in question of stealing because she is her senior. 

On February 23, actress Go Eun Ah made a guest appearance on Attack On Grandma alongside 3 veteran actresses, Na Moon Hee, Kim Young Ok, and Park Jung Soo. She surprised the senior actresses and the viewers when she revealed that she once had her money and personal things stolen by a colleague, such as rent, cosmetics, and camera. The colleague in the story is Go Eun Ah’s senior in the industry. She is still active as an actress and is even famous for her lovely image.

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Go Eun Ah started her career at the age of 17 and quickly became close to this senior. One day, she returned home from filming and broke her toenail. Because she was in so much pain, she called the senior and an ambulance. When Go Eun Ah went to the hospital, the other actress did not accompany her. When Go Eun Ah returned home, she found the rent money she left at the bedside disappeared. Go Eun Ah then called the other actress to ask about the money but her answer was, “I didn’t see it”.

Go Eun Ah
The story of Go Eun Ah having her things stolen…
Go Eun Ah
… made 3 veteran actresses Kim Young Ok, Na Moon Hee, Park Jung Soo and the audience surprised

At that time, Go Eun Ah did not dare to accuse her sunbae for fear of destroying the relationship between the two. But things continued to happen again and again.  Another time, she went abroad and when she returned, her cosmetics and clothes had also disappeared.  At that time, only this sunbae knew well and knew every corner of Go Eun Ah’s house.

Another time, Go Eun Ah and this person filmed a project together and she continued to lose items.  This time the lost item is the camera of Go Eun Ah company.  The actress reported to the company, and the company representative immediately called this senior’s agency.  Since then, the actress ended her relationship with this bad sunbae.

Go Eun Ah
Go Eun Ah got her money, cosmetics, and camera stolen by her sunbae

Go Eun Ah’s story has made people extremely shocked.  Netizens are searching for the identity of the thief actress, based on a series of facts such as being older than Go Eun Ah, still active in the entertainment industry and famous for her lovely image.

Go Eun Ah
Go Eun Ah was born in 1988, started acting at the age of 17 and is the older sister of Mir (MBLAQ).
Go Eun Ah
Netizens are searching for the identity of the person who stole Go Eun Ah’s things
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