Girls’ Generation members on “Soshi Tamtam”, “We’ve gathered together after such a long time. You will be able to see our mature side” 

Girls’ Generation members showed affection for their exclusive show “Soshi Tamtam”.

Interviews with Tiffany Young, Soo-young, Yoona, and Seo-hyun were released on July 4th prior to the official broadcast of JTBC’s new entertainment program “Soshi Tamtam” on July 5th.


Tiffany Young said, “For fans who have been waiting for 5 years, the members, management teams, and production crews have all united and we are putting so much energy and time into the production and preparation. I hope this can be a chance for us to express our love and gratitude to fans”, expressing her sincere feelings.

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Soo-young shared, “We wanted to present an entertainment show for us and with the appearance of us only to fans this year”, adding, “It’s not easy to match the schedules of 8 members, but we united and was able to find a way through ‘Soshi Tamtam’.”


Yoona said, “It’s been a while since Girls’ Generation had a chance to get together, we were really excited. Since fans’ responses and expectations are also hot, I can’t wait to meet them. I missed fans so much and I feel so thankful that they have been waiting for us with unchanging love”. Seo-hyun also showed her extraordinary love for fans, saying “I’m really excited to share my daily life stories with the members and fans after such a long time. We’ve also looked forward to our 15th debut anniversary project, we just want to share it with you all as soon as possible.”

In addition, the members, who have shown different charms on various entertainment shows, also mentioned the new appearance of Girls’ Generation and the reasons to watch “Soshi Tamtam”. Seo-hyun said, “Please look forward to our natural appearances which will be shown as they are as well as the energy and noise of when 8 of us gather together.”

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Yoona said, “Those who’ve seen our appearance when gathering together will understand. Even when we have nothing to do, we can still play and enjoy some fun together. That’s the energy of Girls’ Generation that you’ve always seen but you will also be able to realize our mature side”, raising expectations.

Netizens are also curious about Girls’ Generation’s bright energy on the filming set. Regarding this, Tiffany Young shared, “The atmosphere on the set is always full of positive energy and laughter. I laughed a lot throughout the shoot and then my cheekbones hurt the next day”, adding, “The atmosphere of our group chatroom is also lovely since all of us couldn’t wait until the next day as soon as we finished a shoot. It was such a precious and grateful time for all of us.”


Soo-young said, “Whenever we came to the filming of ‘Soshi Tamtam’, our tension immediately rose so high no matter how tired we were. We didn’t even recognize that time passed so quickly”, adding, “There were always some funny points during every shoot. I’m looking forward to watching the show with you all”. 

Lastly, when asked about the points to focus on when watching “Soshi Tamtam”, Soo-young said, “The unique color of Girls’ Generation”, adding, “I hope that the friendly and energetic side that you can only see from Girls’ Generation can energize for your daily life”. Heralding a more sincere appearance of Girls’ Generation through this exclusive show, she continued, “I hope everyone will enjoy watching Girls’ Generation doing broadcast without hesitation.”


Tiffany Young also mentioned an important point, saying “Girls’ Generation has reunited as a whole team again”. She added, “We want to convey happiness with our consistent heart. Also, as time has passed, this will be a time for us to get to know our changes and new sides”. In addition, Yoona cited the harmony of the members and Seo-hyun raised fans’ expectations for the charms of Girl’s Generation that will double when they reunite.

Source: Daum

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