Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon, still maintaining body shape after losing 9kg… Hot pink swimsuit

Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon revealed her daily life at the resort.

On Oct 15th, Hyoyeon posted several photos on her social media account. In the photos, Hyoyeon wore her blonde bleached hair in pigtails, and wore a short necklace to give a fashionable look to the one-piece swimsuit.

Hyoyeon also wore horizontally long sunglasses with a white frame to gently cover her small face shape. Although it is mid-October, Hyoyeon, who is currently in Qatar, is smiling brightly while sitting on the sunbed.

Hyoyeon recently confessed to dieting. Hyoyeon, who is still maintaining her body shape through steady management, received praise that she is amazing.

Meanwhile, Hyoyeon became a hot topic last summer when she burst into tears of joy amid fans’ shouts at the SM Town Suwon Concert as she was active with the title song “FOREVER 1” of the album commemorating Girls’ Generation’s 15th debut anniversary.

Source: nate

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