NMIXX and IVE Caught Up in Embarrassing Performance Invitation Controversies

Controversy Surrounding NMIXX and IVE’s Performance at Universities’ Events Has Erupted.

NMIXX has been caught up in unnecessary controversy. They were invited to perform at an orientation event for the College of Engineering at Seoul National University. Although they only received payment for their performance, there has been a lot of debate around this issue. It has only been three months since member Jinni left the group and they are trying to stabilize themselves. The noise surrounding the group cannot be seen as a “positive signal.”

Recently, the 36th student council of the College of Engineering at Seoul National University, called “Dream,” spoke out about the “controversy surrounding NMIXX’s performance.” Earlier, NMIXX performed on stage at an orientation event for incoming freshmen. Afterwards, it was alleged that there had been excessive spending during the process of inviting NMIXX.

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Regarding this issue, the student council stated, “This is not true. We confirmed through an accounting review that there was no deficit.” They also added, “The budget used to invite NMIXX was entirely from administrative support funds. This budget was allocated solely for celebrity performances to ensure the successful revival of the face-to-face accommodation event, which has not been held in four years.”

It is unfair for the arrows of criticism to be aimed at NMIXX. This is because NMIXX received a set performance fee and took the stage accordingly. However, it is uncomfortable that the name of NMIXX has become the center of the issue. Contrary to the intentions of NMIXX, they have generated “negative issues” both inside and outside the group.

Last December, member Jinni left the team for reasons that were not disclosed. It was an incident that happened during the process of gaining popularity and recognition. Ironically, the news of her departure drew more attention than the group’s musical abilities. Both the members and fans started the new year with unstable hearts. The recent “performance invitation controversy” added to the disappointment of JYP’s next-generation girl group’s plans.

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There is another girl group that faced controversy during the process of being invited to a university festival. It was the controversy over the invitation of IVE from Kyungpook National University in October last year. More precisely, it was an issue between the festival organizers and the agency responsible for the invitation.

The Demarsen agency, which was in charge of the invitation, signed a contract with Kyungpook National University for IVE‘s performance. However, IVE’s agency, Starship Entertainment, notified them that they refused the invitation due to visa issues with IVE members. Afterwards, the Demarsen agency acknowledged their poor handling of the situation and apologized.


At the time when the controversy began, IVE was criticized. IVE had become the center of the issue between the agency and the festival organizers. If the facts were not clear, IVE could have become the target of criticism.

Embarrassing controversies are erupting in relation to inviting girl groups to university festivals. Both of these incidents were not the fault of the girl groups that were invited. It is because they are famous that they become the issue and receive criticism. The noise does not leave any scars, but it leaves a strange sense of discomfort.

Source: Daum

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