Girl group NATURE shocked everyone with their “backward waist bending” choreography

The choreography for the new song of the girl group NATURE is drawing keen attention.

NATURE performed their comeback song “LIMBO!” on the recent broadcast of SBS’s “Inkigayo”, which aired on November 6th.


This new song became a hot topic because its choreography thoroughly matched the lyrics. When it comes to the part with the word “Limbo”, the members stood face to face and held hands. One of them then jumped out as if they were really playing the limbo game.


Moreover, another move in the middle of the song also impressed the viewers. The members used both hands to hold the back of their heads and shook and turned their top knots. This move was continuously repeated throughout the song. 


The climax of the performance was actually the ending pose. Two members held hands and one member in the middle faced her back to the audience. As soon as the song ended, the member in the middle bent her body backward as if she was playing limbo and showed her face.


In response to NATURE’s performance, netizens commented, “Seems like they created this choreography to gain attention”, “They must have practiced the dance moves many times”, “I was shocked by the ending pose but the members still looked lovely”, “This song is very addictive”, “This dance requires lots of strength”, etc.

Soủce: wikitree

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