IVE Jang Won Young’s Chinese lookalike: Is this Chinese singer trying to copy Jang Won Young’s style or is it coincidence?

Netizens are paying more attention to Zhao Lu Si’s change in style that is more closely resembles IVE Jang Won Young.

Zhao Lu Si and Jang Won Young do not have much in common. One is a K-pop idol, while the other works in the C-biz as a singer and actress. Nonetheless, the two are similar, almost like two peas in a pod. One question arises from some netizen communities: Is the Chinese actress trying to mimic Jang Won Young’s style?

At an event, Zhao Lu Si was wearing a black outfit with bright red-colored lipstick. They share similar facial features, except for the shape of the face
The two stars also have a similar smile
Some netizens also scrutinize Zhao Lu Si’s stage outfit, claiming the Chinese singer tried to follow Jang Won Young’s style
They went further and stated that the two figures also resembled each other with a hair adjustment movement

Back in 2018 – 2020, Zhao Lu Si favored an orange-tinted, simple, layered makeup style. She mostly went for simple eye makeup. Hence, when the style change took place, netizens thought she might be taking inspiration from Jang Won Young

Source: K14 

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