Girl Group Attacked by Fan During Performance, Member Hit in the Face

Girl group tripleS recently had a fan concert where a member was hit in the face by a fan thrown by an attendee.

Last weekend, on the 6th and 7th, tripleS held their fan concert “Girls Never Stop” at Samsung Hall, Ewha Womans University, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, and met with their fans.

This was tripleS’s first fan concert after forming their “24-member full group,” attracting much attention from fans. They proved their immense popularity by selling out all seats for both days. The group successfully completed the performances, including full group and individual unit stages showcasing their unique styles.


However, the incident occurred during the encore stage at the end of the last performance. An object was thrown onto the stage. Some members, who were bowing to thank the fans, were surprised and dodged the thrown fan, but one member who couldn’t avoid it was hit in the face and expressed pain by holding their face.

Following criticisms from fans who witnessed the incident, an apology was posted on X (formerly Twitter) by the person claiming to have thrown the fan. The poster apologized, saying, “I regret my actions. I knew I shouldn’t have thrown it, but I did, and it almost hurt the members.”


They continued, “Others were throwing slogans, so I impulsively threw it too. I had no intention of hitting any member. I posted an apology out of guilt,” and added, “I am truly sorry to the members.”

In the past, various singers have been startled, dodged, or even injured by objects suddenly flying onto the stage. Therefore, throwing objects onto the stage during concerts is generally prohibited, and artists often firmly reject such behavior or are criticized by other fans for not adhering to the rules.


This time, a fan threw an object on stage, which was a dangerous act, and an accident eventually occurred. Furthermore, since a member was directly hit in the face by the object, this behavior is gaining attention not only in the tripleS fandom but also to various SNS and online communities. There have been many voices of criticism and anger.

Source: Nate

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