(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Criticized For Looking Down On Other Idols’ Music

This is not the first time that (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua was criticized

On August 7, (G)I-DLE came back with the mini album “I SWAY” and an MV for the title track “Klaxon.” The comeback of the CUBE girl group attracted a lot of attention from Kpop fans.

In a recent video of the group introducing the new MV, the youngest member Shuhua made a controversial statement, saying, “They will only listen to (G)I-DLE and be addicted to (G)I-DLE’s music. Sorry to all the other idols”. As soon as the video spread across online platforms, Shuhua was criticized for speaking arrogantly and looking down on other idols’ music. Her joking attitude was also criticized for being rude. On the other hand, many fans try to defend her, saying it was just a harmless joke.

In the mean time, Klaxon is struggling on digital music charts. (G)I-DLE is famous as “the girl group that dominates Korean digital music charts” thanks to their remarkable Perfect All-Kill songs in the last 2 years. However, not all of the group’s songs are successful. Not to mention, summer songs have never been the group’s strength. The summer spirit is said to be not well expressed in “Klaxon,” whose melody is considered boring, and the members’ vocals are believed to lack charisma.


Therefore, (G)I-DLE’s comeback did not do as well as expected. “Klaxon” debuted at #10 on Bugs, #20 on Genie and #46 on MelOn. After 2 days of release, the song still hasn’t reached #20 on MelOn. Its Spotify stream is also extremely low, with just over 300,000 streams on the first day of tracking. For a girl group whose digital achievements are one of the best of the 4th generation, this comeback is rather disappointing.

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