(G)I-DLE’s choreography went viral, SEVENTEEN and NCT immediately caught the trend, but fans’ backs hurt just looking at it

A choreography of (G)I-DLE is currently creating a new viral trend on social media.

Besides the extremely successful title song TOMBOY, the b-side tracks in (G)I-DLE‘s full album I NEVER DIE released on March 14th are also attracting a lot of attention from the audience. In particular, MY BAG with the typical Hip Hop melody combined with the special rap voices of the members is considered to be a new wind blowing into the Kpop girl group market.

With MY BAG, leader Soyeon is not only praised for her composing role but also impresses the audience with her borderless creativity. Soyeon’s strong hip-shake choreography and the reverse microphone at the beginning of the song have created a new trend on social media, making young people excited to catch the trend.

Soyeon’s feverish dance segment
(G)I-DLE My Bag
Not only does the style of holding the microphone upside down create a fever, but Soyeon’s hip-shake choreography is also excitedly followed by young people

In particular, a compilation of TikTokers worldwide “catching the trend”, with the presence of SEVENTEEN and NCT members in cameo roles, is being shared by netizens. It can be seen that even though it’s just a fan-made edit video, the male idols’ hip-shaking choreography still strangely matches the melody of MY BAG, bringing laughter to Kpop fans.


ตอบกลับ @xoxo.xx6 😈👜💎 #MYBAG #mybagchallenge #GIDLE #IDLE #TOMBOY #INEVERDIE @official_gidle

Soyeon’s “My Bag” choreography is trending on TikTok
Male idols catch trends very quickly and skillfully
(G)I-DLE My Bag
Soyeon’s hip-shaking trend has spread all over Kpop
(G)I-DLE My Bag
Netizens had a good laugh when witnessing SEVENTEEN and NCT catching up with the MY BAG trend

Along with the praises of Soyeon’s creativity or inviting each other to catch the trend to … lose weight, netizens also humorously assessed that anyone who wants to follow this trend needs to have… a healthy spine. It’s fun to look at, but it’s a bit of a pain in the back, if you don’t do it well, you’ll seriously have backache.

  • This trend requires a healthy spine. My back hurts just looking at it!
  • If this dance doesn’t become a trend, it’s a bit of a waste. But anyone who often has spinal pain like me should think twice before doing this!
  • I’m not a fan but I love this part. Soyeon is so talented!
  • After shaking it, you can also reduce the fat. Kill two birds with one stone!
(G)I-DLE My Bag
(G)I-DLE My Bag
… and Soyeon is reaping a lot of success after being silent for a long time

Also, on March 28th, (G)I-DLE officially released the Choreography Practice version for MY BAG. Even though it’s just a b-side, the song is showing signs of progressing quite well on the charts, even reaching #4 at BUGS, just behind TOMBOY, Feel My Rhythm (Red Velvet) and GANADARA (Jay Park ft. IU).

(G)I-DLE – MY BAG Choreography Practice Video
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