(G)I-DLE’s 1st comeback after Soojin’s departure: Fans expected Shuhua to have more lines 

Some fans of Shuhua think she deserves more lines in this comeback. 

After a year and 2 months without any comeback, at 6PM KST on March 14, (G)I-DLE officially returned with their 1st full album I Never Die and title track TOMBOY. This album also marks (G)I-DLE’s first comeback with a 5-member lineup after Soojin left the group due to school bullying controversy. 


TOMBOY was composed and written by leader Soyeon. The song conveys a confident message about female empowerment, highlighting (G)I-DLE’s signature musicality through bold lyrics and catchy, wild rock sound. The members also stun with their attractive visuals in a tomboyish concept in the MV. 

So far, the reactions to (G)I-DLE‘s new song have been positive. However, some fans still expressed their disappointment at the amount of lines Shuhua gets, as they expected Shuhua to be given more singing parts, especially after Soojin is no longer in the group. 

  • Shuhua has improved a lot. She deserves more lines.
  • I thought Shuhua could get more lines especially after Soojin left the group, but they gave even more lines to Soyeon instead.
  • I’m sad Shuhua didn’t get more lines in this comeback.
  • The MV is well-made, the concept and outfits are all nice. The song is catchy too. I hope (G)I-DLE has a successful comeback.
  • This comeback is worth waiting for over a year 

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