(G)I-DLE Soyeon’s Dream Is To Become A Mom+Miyeon, “I Like Someone Who Is Perfect Like Me”

Soyeon of the group (G)I-DLE said her ultimate goal is to become a mother.

A video titled “(G)I-DLE’s Wine-terview” was released on YouTube channel “geean84” on July 9. In this video, Soyeon and Miyeon of (G)I-DLE guested to talk about various things with host Kian84.

Kian84 asked Miyeon if she had any thoughts on acting, and Soyeon said, “We’re going to team up together. She can act with the team.” Miyeon replied, “I am the main vocalist, and I love singing.”

soyeon miyeon gi-dle

Regarding her future plan, Soyeon shared, “As I am a songwriter, I want to continue to produce songs in the future. I want to be an idol as long as I can. If I don’t have to get out of the way for my juniors, I want to do it until the end. My ultimate dream is to be a mom. I wanted to have kids it at 28, but time flies so fast.” As for her ideal type, she said, “I like guys who are not ambitious and greedy. I like people who want to pursue happiness. It’s better if he doesn’t have money. I’m too greedy and ambitious, so I don’t think we both should be like that.”

Miyeon said, “I can’t tell you if I will be in a relationship, but there’s no clause in our contract that prohibits dating,” adding, “Because I’m a perfect person, a perfect person is my ideal type.” In response, Kian84 said, “No one is perfect. Even someone who looks perfect outside like you must have something inside (that’s not perfect).”

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