Gary, shy with his wife’s skinship… “I just wanted to take pictures…”

Leessang’s Gary (real name Kang Hee-gun, 44 years old) revealed his daily life with his wife.

On Sep 27th, Gary posted photos through his Instagram with the caption “I just wanted to take pictures, but she gave me a back hug…”

The released photos showed Gary and his wife’s sweet two-shots. Gary’s wife was giving him a back hug and smiling with a playful expression. Gary looked shy with his wife’s skinship.

When an acquaintance left a comment saying “Sir… It’s nice to see you smile brightly…”, Gary drew attention by replying, “We should always live like newlyweds, right~~??”

Meanwhile, Gary married a non-celebrity wife 10 years younger than him in 2017, and they have one son.

Source: naver

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