G-Dragon’s Interview Attitude Sparks Concern Among Fans

Fans are worried after watching this interview of BIGBANG G-Dragon.

Recently, G-Dragon‘s interview with Elle Korea has been revisited.

In a video released on October 25th last year, G-Dragon was asked, “What are the principles that have shaped you today?” to which he responded, “I ignore them. I have no principles. They are my principles.”

G-Dragon's Interview Attitude Sparks Concern Among Fans

He continued, “Conventions, you have to do it this way, or that way, that might be correct. But I think at least I was fortunate enough not to be confined within the framework but to have many things I could break free from. It applies to music and fashion too.”

While he appeared to be answering thoughtfully, fans, knowing G-Dragon’s emotionally rich personality, speculated whether something had changed in his life or feelings.

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In fact, some fans expressed concerns such as “He seems unable to complete his sentences and looks unstable,” “His tone and gestures appear anxious,” “Is he under a lot of stress?” “He looks a bit anxious,” and so on.

On the other hand, there are fans couldn’t notice much of a difference, “His tone was similar even in the past,” “His tone was always like this. He just seems a bit more animated now,” “Anxiety is exaggerated,” and more.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon has been actively participating in various events recently.

On September 7th, he attended the event for his sister’s fashion brand WE11DONE’s 2024 Spring/Summer Collection ‘Remnants of Home’ held at COEX in Gangnam, Seoul.

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