G-Dragon, who has not shown up after the release of BIG BANG’s new song, spotted paying a surprise visit to TREASURE’s practice room

G-Dragon was caught up in an unexpected place.


G-Dragon appeared in the Instagram post of YG’s boy group TREASURE on April 5th. G-Dragon, who did not seem to have any other activities apart from the official music video for the release of the new song, made a surprise visit to the practice room of juniors from the same company.


TREASURE uploaded a group photo taken with G-Dragon along with the caption, “Thank you to GD sunbaenim whom we love and respect so much for suddenly coming to visit us during our concert practice”.

In the released pictures, G-Dragon was wearing a red hat and covering more than half of his face with bleached hair. He was doing some poses together with TREASURE members.


G-Dragon drew attention as he carefully took care of his juniors from the same company with his unique ‘mischievous’ expression.

Meanwhile, BIG BANG, G-Dragon’s group, made a comeback in the music industry for the first time in 4 years. They released the new song “Still Life” on the same day and proved themselves to be a ‘legendary’ group by achieving nearly 7 million views in just one day after the music video was released on Youtube.

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