G-Dragon shows enthusiastic response after superstar Erling Haaland want G-Dragon shoes

Famous soccer player Erling Haaland reveals his passion for G-Dragon’s shoes line 

Erling Haaland, who signed with famous soccer club Manchester City, has been drawing a lot of attention from soccer fans with his strong talents.  

While he showed a disappointing performance against Liverpool, in other matches, the athlete has left a deep impression with his tact, mind, and skills. 

At the same time, Haaland also becomes a hot topic for being a “visual striker”, and shows a keen interest in fashion. He recently appeared on a video for the fashion channel “Complex”, where he gave an interview at a shoe store in Spain, and went on a shoe shopping spree at the end of the interview. 

It can be noticed that after looking around several shoes, one pair in particular caught Haaland’s vision. 

The shoes are none other than G-Dragon X Air Force 1 sneakers, which enjoyed a popularity so huge that the resell price skyrocketed. 

Picking up the shoes, Haaland was immediately satisfied. The athlete also revealed that he has always been aware of G-Dragon and his shoe collection. 

The one that hits me is the G-Dragon. I get these now and in 6 months they will become completely different shoes”, he said. 

That’s exactly why I have to take these”, Haaland concluded, before going to buy the pair. 

Haaland’s interest in G-Dragon collaboration shoes with Nike has quickly become a hot topic in Korea, and soon enough, the news has reached G-Dragon’s ear.

The male idol then posted a screencap of the video on his Instagram story along with the caption, “Okay, I got ya’”, which suggests that G-Dragon may be sending a gift to Haaland. 

Unfortunately, Haaland already purchased the G-Dragon shoes in the video. His total bill, which consists of 5 shoes, amounted to around 5.4 million won, with 1.07 million won being the cost of the G-dragon x Nike Air Force 1 pair.

With a satisfied expression on his face, Haaland walked out with his newly purchased shoes.

If there’s a chance later, it wouldn’t be bad to see Haaland and G-Dragon together for once. 

Source: daum

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