G-Dragon Announces Comeback: New Album Within 3 Months, Self-Satisfaction Is More Important Than Rankings

G-Dragon has recently made an announcement regarding his long-awaited comeback.

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon recently had a photo shoot and interview with fashion magazine Bazaar Korea.

During the interview, G-Dragon revealed, “There were various ways to greet fans when I was active. However, it has been six years since I released an album. I wanted to share the news that I am preparing for an exciting project, whether or not people are waiting for me.”


He continued, “I promised to release a new album, and I am working towards releasing it within three months. If things go according to plan, I think it will be possible.”

G-Dragon also revealed that he is working on multiple projects and is preparing for them carefully. “The projects are ongoing. Usually, when the product is made to some extent, the concept of the album and the direction of activities are determined. However, this time, it’s been a while since I made a comeback, and I’m thinking in various ways. I hope something interesting and new comes up.”


Furthermore, G-Dragon emphasized that he does not pay too much attention to rankings. “If I set my goal to be first place or to receive an award, I will keep making products that sell well and make safe choices. Even if others like it, if I don’t like it, it’s not good. It’s the same with practicing. I will keep practicing until it satisfies me. My standards are constantly rising.”

As G-Dragon announced his comeback, his goal is to release it within three months, and fans’ expectations are soaring.

Source: Naver

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