G-Dragon and Jennie: The reigning leaders of the Asian fashion world 

Netizens are discussing how G-Dragon and Jennie are totally style icons in the face of their breakup rumors. 

February 2021, Dispatch unveiled various pieces of evidence regarding a romantic relationship between BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie. While both parties kept silent with no denials nor confirmations, fans of BIGBANG rejoiced over their idol finally getting love. 


Recently though, it is being said that the couple have gone their separate ways. This rumor sparked on May 6th, after netizens discovered that G-Dragon’s personal Instagram account @peaceminusone unfollowed Jennie, while still following the rest of BLACKPINK. 

G-Dragon unfollowed Jennie on his personal Instagram account. 

Upon hearing this news, many people can’t help but express their disappointment at the possible breakup. According to them, G-Dragon and Jennie totally deserve each other, as both are top fashion icons in Korea. 

The reigning leaders in Korea’s fashion industry

It’s undeniable that G-Dragon is a legend in Korea’s fashion world. The idol’s unique fashion style may not make sense at first sight, but take a double and you will be able to see the reasons behind his odd color coordinations and combination of seemingly random items. Throughout his career, G-Dragon has contributed numerous one-of-a-kind unisex layouts in terms of fashion, both in and outside of Korea. He’s also a trendsetter to the youth, inspiring various looks and kickstarting the rise of many items. 

G-Dragon is a total chameleon in terms of style. With his trendsetting mix-and-match and color coordinations, the male idol is truly the king of fashion in Asia. 
Jennie and G-Dragon are both Global Ambassadors for the luxury brand Chanel.
Peculiar outfits that make sense when they are adorned by G-Dragon.
The male leader really lives up to his title as the “Fashion King” of Asia. 

Meanwhile, Jennie is Korea’s “it girl” thanks to her style and massive influence. Every piece of clothes and accessories start going viral after Jennie adorns them, showing her trendsetting power both in and outside of Asia. 

The relationship between Jennie and G-Dragon used to be the talk of town.

Like her rumored lover G-Dragon, Jennie is also known for wearing the most peculiar combinations of outfits, accessories, and colors, while never failing to look stunning in them. 

Jennie is the most fashionable member of BLACKPINK.
The pink underboob top from Jennie’s Hawaii trip is now a sought-after item across the world. 
This iconic hairstyle of Jennie in 2020 is still a trend now. 
Jennie is always experimenting with new styles. She never follows the trend, but only creates them. 
Like G-Dragon, Jennie steals the spotlight in all fashion events she goes to. 
Even in simple blouse and trousers, the chic vibes of this female idol is truly stand out. 
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