Funny image of Lee Min Ho in a drama starring Son Ye Jin

A humorous detail in the drama “Personal Taste”, starring Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho.

The “funny” faces of Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin in “Personal Taste”

Both Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin are top stars in the Korean film industry. During their career, they participated in many film projects. “Personal Taste” is one of them. This is the work that marks the first collaboration between them.

Personal Tastes
Park Gae In’s lovely moment while doing shopping with Jin Ho.

In the drama, Lee Min Ho plays Jeon Jin Ho, a handsome, talented architect who is very neat and meticulous. In contrast, the character Park Gae In played by Son Ye Jin is a clumsy and somewhat nerdy girl.

Personal Tastes
Park Gae In was extremely excited…
Personal Tastes
… when she saw Jin Ho’s cute face.

In the scene where the two go to the supermarket together, the naughty Gae In put a silk scarf on Jin Ho’s head and turned him into a real ajjuma. Notably, her delighted face then made viewers laugh even more.

What projects are they currently working on?

As previously reported, Son Ye Jin received an offer to participate in the project “Tree dies on its feet”. However, she decided to refuse to spend time taking care of her small family. It is known that the person who replaced Son Ye Jin as the female lead is Ha Ji Won. As for Lee Min Ho, the series “Ask the Stars” starring him is expected to be released in 2023.


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