“Full body tattoo” Nana, “Erased tattoos” Han So-hee and “Couple tattoo” Han Ye-seul, unexpected softness behind their cool visual

Female stars and their exposed tattoo is always a hot topic.

Tattooing is one of the ways to express one’s personality and values. However, once engraved, a tattoo is not easy to erase. Although people’s view toward tattoos has become more generous, it still has a negative image. As a result, stars’ bold tattoos often become a hot topic. Recently, Nana surprised everyone by appearing in public with tattoos covering her body, and Han So-hee drew attention after it was revealed that she had had tattoos but already erased them. 

Nana appeared in a black mini-dress at a recent press conference for the movie “Confession.” On this day, Nana became an even hotter topic than the movie because of the tattoos inked all over her body.  

There were a snake, stars, a bird, and a smile pattern on her right arm, spiders and spider webs on her left arm, Batman pattern, and leaves on her collarbone and chest. Tattoos also appear from her thighs to her legs and ankles. On her right leg are the number 1968 and letters, flowers and leaves, while geometric patterns are engraved on her left leg. In addition, a flower is tattooed on her right thigh. 

Fans speculated that Nana has semi-permanent hennas and not tattoos. Since Nana had had henna done for the filming of Netflix’s “Glitch” last year, the public guessed that those were her preparation for the new movie again this time. As for whether Nana’s tattoos are real tattoos or henna, her agency Pledis said, “It’s the artist’s private life,” adding, “It’s difficult for us to confirm.”

Last spring, Han Ye-seul had a “couple tattoo” with her boyfriend, a theater actor who is 10 years younger than her. The two have the lettering tattoo “rebirth” engraved on the inside of their right wrists. Through a video on her Youtube channel, Han Ye-seul explained the meaning of their couple tattoo, saying “We are always given new opportunities and can be reborn in a new year. The new year means a lot to me”. Revealing that it was her first time having a couple tattoo with her boyfriend, Han Ye-seul said, “I considered a lot because I had always wanted to have a couple tattoo. I’m very satisfied with the design, the size and everything. It looks good on my boyfriend, too.”

In fact, Han Ye-seul has several more tattoos on her body. She engraved various things, such as her life greed, the truth she found in life, and even the meaning of her religion, to show her own experiences and values. The three swords tattooed on her breastbone mean strength, courage, and protection (a shield). The actress used the image of the sword to symbolize the meaning that she must protect herself.

If Nana and Han Ye-seul made headlines for getting tattoos, Han So-hee, on the other hand, drew attention for erasing her tattoos. During the time JTBC’s hot drama “The World of the Married” was being broadcast, a post titled “Han So-hee’s pre-debut” became a hot topic in an online community.

The released photos show that Han So-hee used to have tattoos in the past but she already erased them. In particular, there used to be a big tattoo on her arm. In an interview after the drama ended, Han So-hee shared, “As the work did well and gained attention, I think more people are interested in my past”. The actress continued, “Who I used to be in the past is me, and who I’m now is also me. It’s not that I did something wrong back then, but maybe that’s the reason why I’m living well now. It’s a lie if I say I’m not pressured by public attention. I also want to live up to your expectations. I think I’m having both happiness and burden.”

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