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From undies color to mention of period, has variety shows crossed the line?

Just because you’re close doesn’t mean you can say anything you want. At places where an unspecified majority is watching, they need to be more cautious in their words and actions.

This is what many want to say to some entertainment shows that freely talk about period, chest bump, and underwear color because they are “as close as family”.

On SBS’ “Running Man,” which aired on May 22, Song Ji-hyo asked about the color of her underwear during the TMI quiz section, and the male members attempted to guess the color. Kim Jong-kook, who answered correctly, turned red in embarrassment, and Ha-ha made fun of them again, asking “Who was the member that was at Ji-hyo’s house yesterday night?”.


It is the official humor code of “Running Man” that matches Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo together into a love line. The two are also very close to each other, so they take it for fun, and sometimes they get angry and make everyone laugh. However, there is a clear line that should not be crossed, even when those are jokes that are meant to be funny. This is a problem, because this is not about laughing together, but rather because these appear in weekend’s representative entertainment shows that the whole family watches together.

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“Running Man” is having a significant impact on the younger generation as “Running Man Play” is popular among elementary school students. If they ask the color of their underwear like a joke because they are close to each other, and if they show that they are violating other people’s privacy by asking who they were at home with yesterday as a joke, it can give a false perception to the young generation.

running man

There are more examples of ‘friendly’ entertainment shows that have crossed the line. In tvN’s “Sixth Sense Season 3,” female performers such as Lee Mi-joo and Jessi often embarrass their best friend Yoo Jae-seok by making mischievous jokes. The problem is that they even asked Yoo Jae-seok, “Did I have my period this month?” and embarrassed him by trying a body five that bump their chests together. Some viewers pointed out, “What would have happened if those were male members trying to do that to a female cast instead?”

running man

The color of underwear, the period this month, and the act of bumping chest, among some friends of the opposite sex, may be a sufficiently acceptable act as friends. But the viewers watching those scenes are not their friends. The viewers want to see careful entertainment shows that considers the eyes of children and the elderly.

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