A prospective face in the Korean screen: Four years in the industry, Bae In Hyuk worked his way up from minor roles to major film projects 

Baek In Hyuk manages to create an impressive filmography during his four years in the industry.

Bae In Hyuk is a promising rookie actor who has only started acting in 2019 but has had the chance to appear in various big projects. 

Strong academic background, Bae In Hyuk worked his way up from minor roles 

Bae In Hyuk

Not only a handsome face with impressive height, Bae In Hyuk is a pride to his fans because of his academic achievements. He graduated from the Seoul Institute of the Arts with a Bachelor’s Degree in Acting. With a professionally trained background, Bae knew how to impress the directors and earn a spot in major film projects. 

He started acting  in 2019 and appeared in a series of web series, including “When You Love Yourself 2,” “Triple Fling 2,” “Teacher, Would You Like to Date Me?” and “Kiss Scene in Yeonnamdong.” He continued working on web dramas in 2020 but had his first minor TV appearances in “Men Are Men,” “Was It Love?” and “The Spies Who Loved Me.” 

Bae In Hyuk
bae in hyuk

Those small roles were the stepping stones for him to take his first supporting role in “My Roommate Is a Gumiho” starring Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri. Thanks to his performance, the actor was well-loved by the audience and his career was boosted to the next level. 

After “My Roommate Is a Gumiho,” Bae In Hyuk’s career was on a roll. He took the main role in such series as “At a Distance, Spring Is Green,” “Why Her,” “Cheer Up.” At the end of 2022, he made an appearance as the Crown Prince in the hit period drama series “Under the Queen’s Umbrella.” Despite appearing in the first half of the series, the actor still scored a big point in the viewers for his charming looks and great acting chops. Alongside veteran actors such as Kim Hye Soo, In Hyuk did not look out of sync. 

In 2023, Bae In Hyuk made an appearance in the movie “Ditto” that created a fever in Korea at the time of its release and established a new record for a romantic movie despite having to face other blockbusters. 


The story of “Ditto” revolves around two college students at the same university in Korea. Kim Yong is a mechanical engineering student of the class of 1995 whereas Kim Mu Nee was a literature student of the class of 2021. They talk with each other through a ham radio where the pair chat on and on about love and friendship. However, when the secrets about the 20-year-gap between them come to light, Yong and Mu Nee have to face new tormented feelings.

As Kim Eun Seong, best friend of Kim Yong in the movie, Bae In Hyuk captured the attention of viewers for his portrayal of a gentle and upright character. While Eun Seong started out as a comedic element in the piece, the audience grew to love him for his maturity as well as his strong bond with Kim Yong. 

Image: Hancine, tvN

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