Former T-ara’s Ahreum reveals her current whereabouts ahead of childbirth 

Ex-T-ara’s Ahreum opened up about her worries ahead of her due date. 

Former T-ara member Han Ahreum posted a picture 10 days before her expected date of giving birth on December 6th, expressing that it was “scary and complicated” for her. 

t-ara han ah reum

She then complained of pain, saying, “I need help from experienced mothers. Did you all feel the pain? It started to hurt a lot yesterday, but I went around a little too much today, and it hurts a lot.”

Ahreum also posted a video of Lee Young Hyun singing enthusiastically and said, “I was watching this video to eat comfortably, and I almost gave birth while watching this.”


Meanwhile, Ahreum joined T-ara in 2012, but withdrew from the group in 2013 due to health reasons.

Source: Daum

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