Former LOONA member Chuu, comeback as a singer amid the crisis of activity suspension…”Summing Out” with Kim Yohan

Former LOONA member Chuu announced her comeback as a singer amid the crisis of activity suspension.

Chuu will release the first song “Summing Out” of the project “Sing Song Sang Song” with WEi Kim Yo Han at 6 PM on Feb 23rd. “Summing Out” is a compound word of coming out and flirting. It is a song containing the excitement and love of cute lovers who start a pretty love in spring. Chuu improved her level of perfection with her unique transparent tone, cool vocalization and ad-libs that freely cross the range of notes.


The problem is that Chuu is having a conflict with her former agency Blockberry Creative (hereinafter referred to as Blockberry).

Blockberry announced, “We decided to expel and remove Chuu from LOONA as of Nov 25th, 2022. We conducted an investigation after receiving reports about abuse of power, including verbal abuse, by Chuu toward our staff members, and found out it was true.” When the controversy arose, Blockberry even disclosed the conversation history between Chuu and the staff, but Chuu countered, “I have never done anything that would make my fans feel ashamed.”


Blockberry submitted a petition containing the ban on Chuu’s future entertainment activities to the Korea Entertainment Management Association and the Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association. Blockberry officially raised the issue of Chuu’s tampering (pre-contact) through the submission of a petition through the reward and punishment committee of the Korea Entertainment Management Association. Blockberry judged that Chuu had already tampered with BY4M in order to sign a new contract around 2021. They submitted a petition to the reward and punishment committee of the Korea Entertainment Management Association, claiming that it was a “violation of management contract”.


Regarding this, Chuu said, “In December 2021, I didn’t even know the company called BY4M. It is unbearable for me and the members to be entangled in lies, so I will reveal my position with a response soon.”

Meanwhile, Chuu has been focusing on entertainment programs such as appearing on TV Chosun’s “Mr. Trot 2”. She is drawing attention by announcing her comeback to her main job with the release of a new song.

Source: daum

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