Former idol Jisoo revealed her plan to get pregnant this year

Jisoo said, “Meeting three good people this year. And having a baby?”


Singer Ji-soo, who made her debut as a member of the girl group “Tahiti” in 2012, gained a lot of popularity by earning the nickname “running idol” for her outstanding running skills at the entertainment show “Idol Star Athletics Championships”.


Jisoo has been active as a Pilates instructor since she left the group in 2017, and she made headlines for marrying her non-celebrity boyfriend in October last year.


At the time of marriage, Jisoo posted on SNS, “If you were a woman, you would have dreamed of having a wedding. I used to imagine myself entering (my wedding) holding my father’s hand all my life, and I finally did it yesterday,” and revealed a beautiful outdoor wedding photo.

She also expressed her feelings about marriage, saying, “Even after a long time, I would first like to thank the fans and entertainment acquaintances who still care about me.”


Meanwhile, Jisoo answered fans’ questions and communicated with them through her SNS on January 7th. When asked about her goal for this year, she said, “Meeting three good people this year. And having a baby?” drawing attention by revealing her prenancy plan.


Jisoo replied to the question, “When are you going to have a second-year-old?” as, “My fortune-teller told me around April, so should we talk about it again in May?” In addition Jisoo posted a photo of herself cutely raising both arms.

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