Former classmate accusing ITZY’s Lia of committing school violence speaks up again 

Another post was made by the accuser in Lia’s school violence case. 

In the latest post uploaded by ITZY Lia’s former classmate, who claimed she was a victim of school bullying in which Lia was the assailant, she wrote, “I am the one who posted about ITZY Lia’s school violence on the online community. I said that I only wanted an apology, but seeing her continue to promote without any explanation, I feel very stressed, even in my dreams. There seems to be some misunderstanding so I am writing this to give more explanation.”

When JYP Entertainment filed a lawsuit against the alleged victim on charges of defamation to protect Lia, an investigation took place and the victim was eventually cleared of charges. JYP then stated it is hard for them to accept this outcome and asked for a re-investigation.  

Lia was absent because of poor health

The victim claimed she did not know about the re-investigation, saying, “I saw comments that say ‘You say you’re innocent but the request for re-investigation has been made so Lia is not at fault’ and people were swearing at me.”

She continued, “ITZY’s manager even contacted Shinsong Middle School graduates to find out what Choi Ji Su (Lia’s real name) was like during that time. I also learned that Lia’s cousin who also graduated from this Shinsong school has been in contact with other former students. This happened after JYP’s side made a stance that it was difficult to accept the case’s outcome and asked for a re-investigation.”

The victim said she was contacted by Lia’s lawyer and asked to have a face-to-face meeting. But she only wanted Lia to directly come out and receive an apology from Lia herself instead of speaking to her lawyer or any JYP’s officials. But JYP’s side insisted that the victim should talk to them first and they would discuss the matter with Lia. When the victim contacted JYP again, the company said the same thing, so there was ultimately no resolution, causing the victim to be stressed, as all she asked for is a genuine apology. 

At the end of her post, the victim wrote, “One more thing, after transferring (*t/n: to North London Collegiate School in Jeju), Choi Ji Su went back to Middle School and has not graduated yet.”

JYP’s side has not yet issued a response to this post.

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