Former child actress A, who is in a debt controversy, terminated her exclusive contract to focus on “studying”

A, a former child actress, reportedly did not renew her contract with the agency and went on a hiatus amid her debt controversy.

Korean actress child scandal

According to OSEN on Jan 23rd, A terminated her exclusive contract with her former agency, which she started working with in 2021.

A, who signed an exclusive contract with the agency in September 2021, reportedly did not renew her contract. She said she would take a short break from her promoting activities due to her studies.

A is currently embroiled in a debt controversy. On Jan 22nd, B, who claimed to be A’s ex-boyfriend, tagged A’s account in a post on his personal SNS, claiming that he lent money to A but she hasn’t paid him back. B added, “I didn’t want to reveal this. But after 6 months of thinking, I’m uploading the story.”

After continuing his somewhat shocking revelation, B said, “I don’t want to see on TV people who live without thinking. I will take this post down as soon as I receive my money.”

The debt controversy started to spread as a participant in Mnet’s “High School Rapper 4” also left comments on A’s SNS account, saying, “Where is my money?” and “Pay back my money.”

As A’s Instagram account continues to stay public, comments related to the controversy continue to spread, drawing attention. As no fact has been confirmed yet, it is also necessary to refrain from making hasty judgments or criticism.

Attention is focused on whether A, who has not yet expressed her official position, will say anything in this regard.

Source: OSEN

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