Former AOA member Kwon Mina is a victim of a chat part-time job fraud, police are investigating

Former AOA’s Kwon Mina was reportedly scammed while working part-time on chatting.

According to Channel A News on February 20th, former AOA member Mina became a victim of fraud while working part-time on an anonymous chat, and the police are investigating.

kwon mina

Mina started a chatting part-time job on February 6th and was told that it would guarantee high profits. Chatting part-time jobs are a way for women to enter a chat room with men and have a conversation, and when the conversation partner gives a “gift” point, it can be exchanged for cash.

Mina received 8 million won worth of points in one day and asked the company to exchange money. However, the company demanded additional money six times, telling her that if she wanted to receive money, she had to raise her rating.

kwon mina

Not only that, but after the company found out that Mina was a public figure and a former idol, they threatened Mina with photos of her legs that she sent to her chatting partner.

Currently, there are additional victims besides Mina, and the Yongsan Police Station in Seoul is investigating the case. Mina said that she accepted the interview in the hope that there would be no more victims.

kwon mina

Recently, Mina confessed to being scammed for a part-time chat job through Instagram. At that time, Mina also searched for victims of fraud in the same way, saying that she suffered fraud worth 50 million won.

Meanwhile, Mina debuted with AOA in 2012, but after her departure in 2019, she revealed that she was bullied by former member Jimin, causing a huge controversy.

Update: On February 21st, Kwon Mina revealed that she suffered fraud while working part-time on an anonymous chat. The case is under investigation at Seoul Yongsan Police Station.

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