Forget Dispatch, did MAMAMOO’s Wheein low-key admit she’s dating her CEO in a recent post?

A photo on Wheein’s New Year Instagram post makes netizens think she’s dating. Who could be her boyfriend? 

Every January 1, fans hold their breath waiting for Dispatch to reveal a new couple to be dating. But as for fans of MAMAMOO’s Wheein, they do not need to look forward to Dispatch’s article because it seems that Wheein herself already shows she’s dating. 

To celebrate 2022, the female idol posted a series of photos capturing her memorable moments in 2021. Netizens pay special attention to one suspicious photo in which she is placing her hand on a man’s shoulder inside a car. Fans quickly search for the identity of this mysterious man and suspect it could be VIXX’s Ravi. Ravi once wore the same denim jacket, and the color of the car seats in Wheein’s photo is the same as Ravi’s car. This has sparked rumors that the two idols are dating.

MAMAMOO Wheein dating
Wheein put her hand on a man’s shoulder while he’s driving 
MAMAMOO Wheein dating
Netizens discover that this man looks like Ravi, based on the jacket and the leather car seat.

Currently, Ravi is the CEO of Wheein’s agency. After her contract with Rainbow Bridge World expired, Wheein joined GROOVL1N – the record label founded by Ravi. Neither Ravi nor Wheein have addressed this dating rumor.


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