Foreign paparazzi are also crazy about 2NE1 CL’s one-of-a-kind outfit

Overseas paparazzi also reacted to singer CL’s fashion.

Recently, the American entertainment media released a photo of CL, a singer from 2NE1 who is active overseas.

According to the report, CL attended the Paris Fashion Week ‘Schia Parelli’ fashion show held in Paris, France.

2ne1 cl

In the published photo, she is moving in a chest-highlighted dress, which is reminiscent of a rocket. With her excellent fashion sense, CL attracted foreign paparazzi, making them continuously press the shutter button.

2ne1 CL

Meanwhile, CL recently released her first solo full-length album, “ALPHA.” In addition, CL also signed a contract with Satellite 414, a UK-based global entertainment agency. Notably, under the leadership of CL, 2NE1 members recently gathered as a whole on the Coachella 2022 stage.

Source: nate

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