Following Yoona, ATEEZ’s San allegedly experiences racism “Sitting without cushion at luxury fashion show”

ATEEZ's San was embroiled in a racism controversy after attending the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan, Italy

On July 2nd (local time), San attended the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda show held in Nora, Sardinia, Italy. On that day, San wore a chocolate-colored top inspired by Baroque-style sculptures, matching wide flare pants, and patent derby shoes.

Recently, claims have surfaced on online communities that San experienced racism. A photo of him watching the fashion show from behind was shared, showing that his seat was the only one without a cushion. The space also appeared cramped, making him look uncomfortable.

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As the controversy grew, San addressed it during a live broadcast, “Out of the 10 outfits prepared by the brand, this one was my favorite. It was an opportunity to show various looks, and considering the identity of the haute couture, Alta Moda show, I wanted to try it.” He added, “I sat like that myself without a cushion. It makes me sad that there are misunderstandings.

Dolce & Gabbana has previously faced accusations of racism against Asians. In 2018, the brand released an advertisement featuring an Asian model with emphasized “slanted eyes” using chopsticks to eat pizza, which sparked racism allegations. In their “Dolce & Gabbana Summer 2016 Campaign” photo shoot, only the Asian model ate pasta with their hands and had a napkin around their neck, leading to further claims of racism.

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Singer-actress Yoona was also embroiled in controversy over racism at the Cannes Film Festival. On May 19th (local time), Yoona was officially invited to the 77th Cannes Film Festival as the only Korean ambassador for the jewelry brand Qeelin and walked the red carpet.

While climbing the stairs, Yoona turned around to pose for fans and wave, but a female security guard extended her arm to stop her. This security guard was also accused of similar behavior exclusively towards non-white stars.

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