Five tips to be better-dressed by elites of Korean dramas

The rich kids of K-dramas have 5 simple tips for a person to be a better dresser.

The upper class is making more appearances in K-dramas, drawing attention to their simple fashion that speaks class and prestige, nonetheless.

To dress like royalty, here are five tips to think about.

Light color tone

Characters from wealthy families are styled with light-toned outfits that are easy on the eyes, bringing a natural sense of high class. They rarely wear more than three colors for a look.


Monochromatic outfits are the most common choice. Outfits repel the feeling of boredom by adding intricate patterns and details to a clothing item. Material and form also help a simple color look stand out.

Close attention to materials and seams

Material is another detail that requires close attention while choosing an item. K-drama wealthy characters usually opt for silk or chiffon for thin-layered items, suitable for events with light activities.

For more formal events, a body-hugging outfit with intricate cutouts is a top choice. These outfits complement the wearer’s physique and her aura greatly.

A never-ending love for tweed

Tweed is a staple in these characters’ closets. With a firm form and a natural classic feel, a tweed item always brings an air of class to the wearer. With a pair of high heels, one will have a chic look in a snap.

Bright colors and new forms are also on trend with tweed items.

Accessory is a must

Accessories are a must for a stylish outfit. The Korean elites on-screen adore simple and elegant jewelry designs and pay great attention to the details, color, and material of the items. Therefore, their accessories never look cheesy or rough.

lee ji ah

Coherence is key

To bind separate items into a coherent whole, color coherence should be the first thing that comes to mind. With a touch of elegant jewelry, a look is completed.


Combined with a confident aura, one will be the center of attention in no time.

Source: K14 

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