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Finished with a 0.3% viewer rating, “Second World” ended with Moon Byul’s final win

JTBC’s “Second World” ended with its lowest viewer rating of 0.3%. The final winner is Moon Byul of MAMAMOO. 

In the final round of “Second World” held live at KINTEX in Ilsan on Nov 8th, “True All-Rounder” Moon Byul, “The Concept Einstein of Positive Energy” Mimi, “Fatal Charm” Exy, “Human Vitamin with a Unique Voice” Joo E, and “Multitalented Almighty” Moon Sua competed for the first place. 

moonbyul the second world

The cumulative scores of the last round were all reset, and the final winner, who would be chosen through 40% global pre-voting (4000 points) and 60% live text voting (6000 points), will receive the privilege of having a solo special stage at the 37th Golden Disc Awards and an OST release for a JTBC drama.

As a result, Moon Byul, who was expected to be a strong final winner candidate to the point that they all called her “The winner is Moon Byul anyway”, came in first place. Moon Byul took the stage with the song “Rest,” captivating the heroes with her unparalleled passion. After the final winner was announced, Moon Byul said, “The good people such as my members, my fans, and the production team of ‘Second World’ give me the power to live,” adding, “I will show you many more good songs as a vocalist in the future.”

moonbyul the second world

On the other hand, Exy came in second place. Exy got the nickname “Exy Sexy Megan Foxy Eight Color Joshi” because she never performed the same concept twice. She presented the song “Birthday Party” in which she participated in writing the lyrics by gathering all the moments in her life that seemed like her birthdays. Mimi came in third. Mimi, who has tried to stand on the stage alone for the first time in her 8th year since her debut, never stopped trying new things in every round, including DJing, modern dance, a cappella, and tap dance. She went on stage with “The Original,” which expresses her unique originality as a solo artist.

the second world

Joo E and Moon Soo Ah ranked fourth and fifth, respectively. Joo E, who could not overcome the tension due to her anxiety and fear but has overcome her fear and taken a step forward, confessed that she felt “a lot organized and mature.” She performed “NOW,” which is a song that shows her confidence, and Joo E finally burst into tears after finishing the stage. Moon Soo Ah, who had a complex in her voice that made her scared of singing, gained confidence in her voice after hearing that her natural husky voice was her own strength. Her process of overcoming her fear was melted into the song ‘The Magic!an’. Voice leaders cheered for the future of rookie Moon Soo Ah, saying, “I hope you continue to show off your tone and voice with confidence.”

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