Fifty Fifty’s “Cupid” faces plagiarism accusation, company speaks up

“Cupid” of Fifty Fifty, which has gone viral on SNS and even ranked in the Billboard Hot 100 chart, is embroiled in a plagiarism controversy.

Recently, the viral song of girl group Fifty Fifty has taken the world by storm, with high rankings on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and sensational popularity on SNS. 


However, the song has been accused of plagiarism by Turkish singer Evrencan Gündüz. In particular,  Evrencan Gündüz has published an Instagram reel, where he played “Cupid” side by side with his song, “Sen Aşkımızdan”, showing a strong similarity. 

“Fifty Fifty released a great song. Let’s listen together :) But it looks familiar from somewhere…“, the singer also wrote in the caption of his video. 


In particular, part of the melody in “Cupid” sounds almost exactly the same as opening whistle part from “Sen Aşkımızdan”, and part of the Kpop song also greatly resembles the time mark 1:10 and onwards of “Sen Aşkımızdan”.


In his Instagram reel, Evrencan Gündüz has also tagged the agency of Fifty Fifty, seemingly to demand an official response regarding his plagiarism accusation. 

Meanwhile, an expert consulted by Korean outlet Wikitree said, “If you look closely, it’s similar, but this level doesn’t seem to be enough to be considered (as plagiarism).”

Regarding this, an official from Fifty Fifty’s agency said in a phone call with Wikitree, “We are in contact with the author of Cupid to confirm.” Cupid’s composers are all from abroad, so due to time difference and other issues, the agency’s official position will be announced at a later date.

Source: wikitree

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