Female K-pop idols that show off their own personality traits through their creative signatures

These female idols below all have very unique and creative signatures that have become their own “identification features” in the eyes of fans.

Signing autographs for fans happens regularly and plays a big role in the promotion of many K-pop idols, helping them show off their personality through their unique signatures. There are many idols who attract attention thanks to their distinctive signature styles that are easy to recognize.

K-pop female idols
Female idols who create impressive signatures. (Photo: Rolling Stone, SM Entertainment)

Momo (TWICE) has a rather special signature with a drawing of a funny raccoon. The signature includes the character “Mo” in both Korean and Japanese and stands for Momo’s initials. This female idol often enjoys showing off her autographs. In particular, many lovely cartoon characters created by fans are also inspired by Momo’s signature.

Momo’s cute signature raccoon. (Photo: Pinterest)
Momo took a photo next to her autograph. (Photo: Pinterest)
Cartoon characters inspired by Momo’s signature. (Photo: MOMO VN)

The image of butterflies often appears on the stage of Taeyeon (SNSD). Therefore, the female idol also chose the image of a butterfly to create a highlight in her signature. Taeyeon’s signature is both soft and impressive and soon became a feature of her.

Taeyeon has a special butterfly signature. (Photo: Pinterest)
Close-up of Taeyeon’s favorite butterfly signature. (Photo: Pinterest)

Red Velvet Seulgi‘s signature is quite popular with the K-pop fan community. Thanks to her nickname “Seulgi bear” which was given to her by her fans, the female idol created a signature design with a bear symbol. In particular, every time she signs her autograph, Seulgi will add a happy, embarrassed or angry expression for the bear on her signature.

Seulgi received many compliments for her creative signature. (Photo: SM Entertainment)
Every time she signs, Seulgi will change the expression of the bear on her signature. (Photo: Pinterest)

The “Australian Rose” of BLACKPINK, Rosé, also has a lovely signature. The female idol put her name “Rosé” next to a small flower. This signature of Rosé is loved and praised by many netizens for its uniqueness and simplicity.

Rose Blackpink
Rosé’s signature is added a special flower branch symbol.

BLACKPINK’s maknae has a cool autograph. She replaced the letter A in the word “LISA” with a 5-pointed star that means good luck. As she possesses a large number of fans, many people want to have this autograph signed by Lisa.

Lisa’s signature is loved by many netizens

Yerin‘s signature is considered to be the most impressive compared to other G-Friend members. She chose the heart icon like a cartoon character. Yerin’s signature exudes her cute and sweet style.

Yerin’s signature received many compliments from netizens
Many people commented that this signature is as cute as its owner, Yerin.

Just like her look, Wonyoung (IVE) chose a cute little bunny icon and put it on top of her signature. Many people admire and love her fancy signature.

Jang Won-young
Lovely signature of Wonyoung.

(G)-IDLE’s Minnie also chose a heart symbol for her signature. Besides, the female idol also drew a smiley face to make it cuter.

Minnie also chose a heart symbol for her signature to make it more unique.

Seunghee (CLC) chose a cute duckling icon to create a special point for her signature. Thanks to that, Seunghee’s creative signature received many compliments from netizens.

Seunghee has a cute signature.

The signatures of female Kpop idols are very nicely designed. Girls also love to be creative and adorn their signatures with lovely, lucky symbols. And surely every Kpop fan wants to own these lovely autographs.

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