Fashion brand of former EXO Luhan harshly criticized, poor quality but hefty price?

A Chinese blogger draws attention after posting a scathing review of her purchase from Luhan’s fashion brand. 

Recently, a blogger bought a shirt from Luhan’s fashion brand, UnGarconCharmant (hereinafter referred to as UGC), and posted harsh criticism of her purchase. In particular, the blogger claimed that despite paying 1500 Chinese yuan (over 200 USD), the shirts were poorly made with threads falling apart and poor sewing quality. 

exo luhan

Judging from the quality and material, the estimated cost for the product should be as low as 60 Chinese yuan (around 8 USD), the blogger said. 

As the review drew attention in China, Luhan’s brand UGC simply responded, “Customers who purchase our products through official channels can return or get a refund within 7 days, no matter the cause.”


At the same time, many other netizens posted their similar purchases from UGC, expressing that they found no issue with their product. 

Meanwhile, Luhan recently published a post on Instagram with the caption, “It’s so easy to just hide behind the keyboards”. It is unclear whether this is a reaction to the incident. 


Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • She can complain after receiving a bad product, there’s nothing wrong with complaining despite getting a refund
  • The blogger is being objective, so I don’t see any problem with it 
  • Just get a refund, why is she complaining?
  • I get the complaints but why did she mention Luhan? Can’t she see the hotline for customer service?

Source: SBHN

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