Fans Frustrated by YG’s Puzzling Promotion for BABYMONSTER’s “Forever”

YG Entertainment's puzzling promotion strategy for BABYMONSTER's new song "Forever" has left fans unsatisfied.

Recently, numerous BABYMONSTER fans took to social media to voice their confusion about the promotional schedule set by their management company, YG Entertainment, following the release of their single “Forever.”

“Forever” is billed as the pre-release single for BABYMONSTER’s first full-length album, which is set to be released in September or October. However, despite its significance, the promotional schedule for “Forever” has been quite sparse.


The song was released on July 1, but the group’s first performance is not scheduled until nearly a week later, on July 6, on the show “It’s Live.” Following that, they will perform on “Inkigayo” on July 7 and “M Countdown” on July 11.

Many fans argue that having promotional performances for “Forever” so long after its release misses the optimal window for maximizing the song’s popularity. Additionally, accumulating points late reduces their chances of winning on weekly music shows.

Furthermore, “Forever” is underperforming both domestically and internationally. In South Korea, the song has fallen out of the Top 100 on major music charts like Melon, Bugs, and Genie.


On Spotify, “Forever” has also seen a significant drop compared to the previous song. “Forever” recorded only 372,319 streams on its first day, failing to make it onto the global Spotify chart, and its streams were more than halved compared to “Sheesh” (820,811 streams on the first day).

As of July 4, “Forever” had a total of 3,623,534 streams on Spotify globally, which is more than 3 million streams fewer than “Sheesh” had in its first four days.

Fans believe that YG’s poorly scheduled promotional activities could further diminish BABYMONSTER’s achievements.

Source: K Crush

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