Fans feel unfamiliar with BTS Jin’s appearance today at the training camp completion ceremony 

The cool and dashing appearance of BTS’s Jin in the military draws fans’ attention. 

After five weeks of basic military training, BTS’s Jin served as the conductor on behalf of his training mates at the completion ceremony of the boot camp.

BTS Jin military

On the morning of January 18th (Korean time), a completion ceremony for trainees was held at the boot camp of the 5th Army Division in Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do.

Jin has been faithfully engaged in basic military training for the past five weeks. Earlier today, he showed up and caught the attention of many.

BTS Jin military

According to the videos filmed and shared by a fan who attended the event as a family member of another trainee, Jin led the trainees by saluting on behalf of the graduates at the event.

Jin’s commands such as “Unity!”, “Stand up~gun!”, and “Left and right” resonated throughout the venue, and the graduates moved in perfect order accordingly.

Jin and the graduates then shouted the slogan “5th division fighting!” took off their military caps and threw them into the sky.

Jin’s smileless face, booming voice, and calm attitude made the fans feel somewhat unfamiliar. When Jin’s moments at the graduation ceremony were shared, fans commented, “You’re cool, our Seokjin”, “You’re handsome”, “It’s the first time I’ve heard his voice sound like that”, “What’s with your voice…? Why am I so excited?”, “You’ve become cooler in a month”, “It’s like a scene from a drama”, “We are proud of you”, “Look at his broad shoulders”, “I hope the rest of your military journey is healthy”, “What a manly soldier.”

BTS Jin military

Amid the interest of fans around the world, Jin, the first BTS member to enlist, joined the 5th Division Recruit Training Center on December 13 last year.

Jin has become a private after completing his trainee period. He will continue his remaining 17 months of service as an assistant instructor at the boot camp.

According to the 5th Army Division, Jin was previously selected as an assistant instructor for the new recruit training battalion through the training unit deployment procedure on January 13th. It is known that Jin directly applied for the teaching assistant position, and was finally selected after going through ceremony, command adjustment evaluation, and oral interview.

As an assistant instructor, Jin is expected to lead the training and life of his successors. Jin will be discharged on June 12, 2024 after fulfilling his military service. As of today, there are 512 days left.

Source: Wikitree. 

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