Fans dedicate an “Ocean of Light” for BLACKPINK, Lisa welcomes a joyous birthday on stage 

The second BLACKPINK concert night in the Philippines is filled with memorable moments.

In this Filipino concert, BLINKs decided to give each BLACKPINK girl an “Ocean of Light” by switching to  the member’s color during their performance. For Jennie, she received blue light as fans switched their lightstick to this color during the “You&Me” stage. In response, Jennie wore blue ribbons on the second concert night as her way to show gratitude. 

ocean light
An “Ocean of Light” for each member: Jisoo – red, Jennie – blue, Rosé – white and Lisa- yellow 
Jennie wore blue ribbons as a response to the “surprise” fans prepared 

For Jisoo’s “Liar” stage, fans switched to red, which coincidentally matched her stage outfit. The color was also to commemorate her upcoming solo album. Jisoo also took the chance to give a sneak-peek on her future album release on March 31st.

For Rosé and her “Hard to Love” stage, the singer was shone under a white light from the lightsticks. It added a magical atmosphere as the singer danced and sang under the silver light. 

White light took over for Rosé’s performance 

For Lisa, fans turned their lightsticks to yellow, Lisa’s favorite color. Excited to see the preparation from fans, the idol did not forget to blow them kisses to fans. 

Lisa was overjoyed to see the “Yellow Ocean” 

Moreover, after the Bulacan night performance, Lisa got the chance to welcome her birthday with other BLACKPINK members and fans on stage. She could not hide her joy at the sight of the birthday cake celebrating her 26th birthday. On social media, the hashtags and tagline wishing a happy birthday for Lisa also trended globally on Twitter. 

Lisa welcomes her 26th birthday onstage 

Source: k14

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