Fans are heartbroken as Young Ro (BLACKPINK’s Jisoo) keeps suffering in Snowdrop

The writer of Snowdrop wants Young Ro (Jisoo) to suffer in different ways. 

Snowdrop was expected to be a romantic and poetic drama centering on the love story between Young Ro (BLACKPINK’s Jisoo) and Soo Ho (Jung Hae In), but in reality it has a heartbreaking storyline. This is Jisoo’s first-ever female lead role, but only halfway through the drama, Young Ro already went through a lot of pain and trauma.

Tragic first love, having feelings for someone she shouldn’t fall for

Young Ro fell in love with Soo Ho after their first encounter. However, after the identities of the two were revealed, the possibility they end up together is very low. Young Ro is the daughter of the chief of Korea’s National Security Agency, while Soo Ho is the son of the head of the United Front Department in North Korea. Not only is their love forbidden across borders, but the two families are also adversaries, always looking for ways to bring each other down.

Young Ro BLACKPINK Jisoo
Young Ro BLACKPINK Jisoo
Their love story was like Romeo and Juliet’s

The whole dormitory spoke ill of her and blamed her on hiding a spy

After meeting Soo Ho again while he was injured, Young Ro had to beg her roommates to help her hide and treat Soo Ho. She also returned to the house that she had not returned to in 10 years and hated the most to get a suit for Soo Ho. Young Ro even risked the safety of herself and her friends to help Soo Ho attend a party in the dormitory in order to escape. That’s why when the girls found out that Soo Ho was a spy, they spoke ill of and boycotted her.

Young Ro must have been dying inside being taken hostage by the person she loved at the moment they finally met again
Young Ro BLACKPINK Jisoo
Young Ro repeatedly risked her own life just to beg Soo Ho to release her friends
Young Ro BLACKPINK Jisoo
The only family member she cherished might be dead, or even worse, killed by her crush

Young Ro’s brother is her only relative after they were abandoned by their biological father and stepmother. Unexpectedly, the time they met again in the dormitory might be the last time she saw her brother because, while on a mission, her brother was suddenly shot and wounded by the North Korean army. And the main suspect was none other than the person she loved, Soo Ho.

Young Ro BLACKPINK Jisoo
Young Ro BLACKPINK Jisoo

Snowdrop airs every Saturday and Sunday on JTBC.


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