Fans are crazy about the visual of V (BTS) on the variety show

V’s images on the show You Quiz on the Block received many compliments for his attractive charisma

The special episode of You Quiz on the Block (tvN) starring BTS, aired on March 24, achieved the highest rating ever, with 6.74% nationwide and  8,206% in urban areas.  The previous record belonged to Brave Girls, with the rating of 5.3%. 

On social networks, a series of pictures of BTS at You Quiz on the Block continuously received the attention of netizens.  Among the members, V is the character that attracts the most attention in terms of appearance.  The male idol is extremely handsome in an elegant, manly suit.  Romantic curly hairstyle and seductive charisma make V’s visual more impressive.

The images taken from all angles of the male idol made fans crazy
V’s cuteness and humorous personality are very popular with middle-aged audiences.

Some comments: “So handsome, he’s crazy. I kept screaming while looking at him on TV”;  “People need to watch him on television, he looks much more handsome”; “I have watched the show and this guy was so handsome that I could not focus on what he was saying or doing”; “V both has a sexy charisma and childish vibe… this aura is really …”;  “He’s even more handsome if he strokes his hair, a little pity”…

Source: You Quiz On The Block

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