YG’s new girl group will have a completely different color from TREASURE and BLACKPINK?

Many rumors about this girl group are spreading on social networks

BLACKPINK is currently the world’s top girl group, so their “sister group”, commonly known as Baby Monster, has also received a lot of attention.  Having appeared a lot of rumors about YG’s upcoming girl group, Korean media recently revealed some more information around them.

Variety magazine gave many compliments to BlackPink
Because BLACKPINK is so successful, the upcoming junior group also receives a lot of attention

According to Star News, the lineup and name of YG’s new girl group (YGNGG) have not been decided yet.  However, the girls are expected to bring a different color from TREASURE – the YG rookie boy group.

If TREASURE has the characteristic of a dance-oriented group, Baby Monster will focus more on the music.  According to some YG staff, YGNGG  will have a style like Big Mama.  This is a 4-member girl group of YG, debuted in 2003 and were famous for their outstanding singing and harmonizing skills.

Baby Monster will have the same style as Big Mama
BLACKPINK’s fans should start doing this
It is not clear whether the group will pursue a girl crush concept like BLACKPINK or not

Accordingly, the project “Baby Monster” brings together talented candidates with soul-inspired voices.  They are expected to be a girl group that possesses excellent singing skills.  In addition, if Big Mama are only famous for their voice and vocal skills, Baby Monster will also attract fans with their visual.

Previously, a YG staff gave some hints about this girl group

Although YG has not decided on the official name and debut time of the group, the company has copyrighted the name “Baby Monster” and the word Baemon (short for Baby Monster) in Korean.  Not long ago, via TREASURE’s vlog, fans also discovered the practice room with the nametag “Baby Monster’s dance studio” in YG’s new building.

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