Fans are angry “Street Woman Fighter” Monika are being unfairly criticized by more than 100 dancers over her “poppin” remark

“Street Woman Fighter” fans expressed anger as dancer Monika’s “popin” remarks became an unnecessary controversy.

Recently, eight team leaders from Mnet’s survival dancing show “Street Woman Fighter” reportedly appeared on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros,” which aired in the afternoon of November 20th.

On the show, while introducing the street dance genre, Monika explained about Poppin’, “All the movements that pop are called Popping, and by erasing ‘g’ it is called Poppin.” The “Knowing Bros” editor then added subtitles explaining that Poppin’ is characterized by movements of strong muscles such as legs, arms, and so on.

Monika poppin criticized

The controversy was aroused after that, starting with dancer A’s Instagram story that says, “When mentioning the name of the style, it’spopping, notpoppin‘.” Then, about 100 dancers reposted this SNS post, expressing their agreement.

Monika poppin criticized

However, netizens refuted dancer A’s opinion, claiming that Monica already mentioned that Popping and Poppin were used the same in the broadcast and that such notation was already widely used in the dancing world. In particular, A and other dancers also used the word “poppin” on social media and YouTube, which they mentioned was wrong. There were even subtitles using the word “poppin” in the projects they participated in the past

Monika poppin criticized

On November 24th, a post was posted on an online community, compiling the Instagram IDs of more than 100 dancers mentioned above. OP continued to add more IDs as of the afternoon of November 24th. “Memorise (these people). They’re great people,” the post sarcastically said. The reactions in the comments were the same as the OP. Everyone expressed anger, saying, “I’ll remember and boycott them.”

Monika poppin criticized

However, conflicts between dancers and netizens are getting more intense. Netizens got angry at the dancer for providing misinformation and not apologizing. On the other hand, dancers complained of excessive criticism. In this regard, HOAN, a very famous dancer of this era, explained the name, saying, “Poppin’ is correct”. Meanwhile, Poppin’ Hyun Joon replied, “There is a problem with everyone”, then added, “Both are the same”, pointing out that it was just a difference in English notation.

As opinions are divided among dancers, fans are also getting angrier. Meanwhile, a netizen mentioned the controversial scam allegations related to Rozalin, claiming that no one gave an opinion and just stayed silent. Just like that, no suspicion was mentioned except for the one related to Love Ran. In response, netizens continued to show more reactions, such as “It seems to be a problem caused by some old people. I will not support those dancers anymore”, “They must be jealous since Monika is doing well”, “What’s wrong with all of them? Just ignore people who involve in this kind of nerve fight.”


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