Fan Bingbing has a new boyfriend? “He hugs and kisses on the back of her hand”

Fan Bingbing is embroiled in a new romance rumor as she was revealed to have been accompanied by a man to a family gathering.

On Jun 18th, local media in China reported a video of Fan Bingbing walking on the street holding hands with an unknown man.

fan bingbing

In the video, Fan Bingbing held the man’s hand, and the man hugged Fan Bingbing’s shoulder and kissed her hand, making physical contact that anyone could see as those between lovers. Fan Bingbing’s group also naturally accepted their actions, according to the media.

The man who was with Fan Bingbing also created a friendly atmosphere toward Fan’s family as he naturally helped carry the luggage of Fan Bingbing’s mother.

fan bingbing

Fan Bingbing’s fans speculate that the man in the video recently released online may be Fan Bingbing’s new boyfriend. In the video, the man can also be seen enjoying camping with Fan Bingbing’s family, and he is known to have often accompanied Fan Bingbing to many events.

fan bingbing

Meanwhile, Fan Bingbing was investigated by Chinese authorities in May 2018 on charges of tax evasion. Due to this incident, Fan Bingbing stopped her activities and was banned from appearing on both TV dramas and movies in China. Later, she broke up with actor Li Chen in 2019, who got engaged to her, the year after her controversy over tax evasion.

fan bingbing

Fan Bingbing recently drew attention after it was reported that she would appear as a cameo in the JTBC drama “Insider.”

Source: daum

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