Famous Korean news site apologizes to EXO Sehun for spreading false rumors related to his girlfriend’s pregnancy

Wikitree, a Korean news site, published an official apology for a past article about EXO Sehun.

On May 22nd (Korean time), Korean news site Wikitree published an article titled, “We apologize for the article about EXO member Sehun”. 


In particular, Wikitree’s statement is as below:

“We apologize for an article about EXO member Sehun. Last March, we published an article titled ‘EXO Sehun faces premarital pregnancy rumor with non-celebrity girlfriend, witness accounts from maternity clinic’, and now would like to apologize for sending out such an article.

The article turned out to be false due to inaccurate reporting. In the future, we will carefully check the facts and conduct a more careful reporting process to ensure that this situation does not re-occur.

We would like to express our apologies to EXO Sehun, fans, and readers.”

On the other hand, back in March, Wikitree published an article claiming that EXO Sehun was spotted at a maternity clinic with his non-celebrity girlfriend. As a result, rumors of EXO Sehun having a girlfriend who got pregnant prior to marriage emerged. 


Now, Wikitree has admitted that information in the article is false. 

Source: Wikitree

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