Famous Japanese magazine 25ans calls BTS V an airport fashion icon

BTS V was considered an airport fashion icon for a distinct fashion sense with diverse expressions.

Recently, a famous Japanese magazine – 25ans, favorably called BTS V (Kim Tae Hyung) a one-of-a-kind airport fashion icon in an article titled “Editors’ Picks for the Best Korean Star Airport Fashion”. 

BTS V showed off a sharp fashion sense at the end of 2022

The magazine editors closely followed Korean stars’ airport fashion styles and came to a top 3 faces with lasting impressions. When they had to narrow it down to only one person, the editors unanimously chose V as the star with the best, most unique, and most attractive airport fashion style.


In addition, V’s fashion style on his trip to the U.S. last August gained a lot of praise from the editors. They wrote: “The coordinated style with brown colors creates a sophisticated look without any flaws, and it makes those who try to replicate it fall in love. V skillfully pulled off the challenging striped item, and his natural style accentuates his exceptional fashion sense”.


In an interview, the BTS member also shared his preference for fashion. He said he preferred vintage clothing and unique expressions. His airport looks are highly practical, comfortable for long flights, and youthful and sophisticated in appearance. His looks range from intense color and conspicuous patterns to neutral-colored and plain clothing.

Source: K14 

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