“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” star Park Eun Bin to hold her first fan meeting after 27 years of debut 

Amid her growing popularity thanks to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Park Eun Bin announced her first-ever fan meeting. 

As reported by SPOTV news on August 8, Park Eun Bin will hold an in-person fan meeting in Seoul in early September to interact with the fans who have given her a lot of love.

Park Eun Bin made her debut as a children’s clothing model in 1996. Despite having been active in the entertainment industry for such a long time, this is going to be Park Eun Bin’s first fan meeting. As she has been drawing much praise for her portrayal of Woo Young Woo, the upcoming fan meeting is expected to have a special meaning for her.

Earlier, after the end of the 2016 drama “Age of Youth”, Park Eun Bin expressed her wish to hold a fan meeting, saying, “I’ve never had a fan meeting before. I definitely want to meet my fans in person.” Six years later, her wish is finally about to become a reality.

In addition, Park Eun Bin’s fandom size has grown significantly ever since as she has starred in 4 hit dramas consecutively along with various CFs. Therefore, the competition for ticket reservations between fans to meet Park Eun Bin at her first fan meeting is expected to be fierce.

Park Eun Bin has finished filming for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which is gaining the highest popularity across ongoing dramas. She is set to go on a summer vacation to Bali, Indonesia with the drama’s cast and crew. After that, in line with the end of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, the preparations for her first fan meeting will follow along with more interviews, commercials, and consideration of her next project. 

Source: nate

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