“I can’t believe it was him…” “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” male lead surprised netizens by his unexpected past

Old works of actor Kang Tae-oh, who is appearing in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, are attracting attention. 

On July 1st, images of Kang Tae-oh in “The Tale of Nokdu” and “Running Man”, where he appeared in the past, was uploaded on the online community theqoo.

extraordinary Attorney Woo

Kang Tae-oh took on the role of Cha Yool-moo in KBS2’s “The Tale of Nokdu”, which aired in 2019. Cha Yool-moo is a pure man who only looks at the female protagonist Dong-joo (Kim So-hyun). However, from Prince Neungyang, he would later become the main villain – King Injo.

In addition, Kang Tae-oh performed a popping dance in “Running Man”, making everyone on site burst into laughter. Netizens who saw actor Kang Tae-oh’s past left comments such as “I recognized him right away because he’s clearly inscribed in my memory as Injo”, “I liked his acting in ‘Run On’ other than that” and “It’s a pity that he’s going to the military soon.”

kang tae oh

Meanwhile, Kang Tae-oh is playing Lee Joon-ho, an employee at the legal team of law firm Hanbada, where Woo Young-woo works, in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“.

Source: wikitree

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